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Reimagine Your Company, Professional and Personal Possibilities!
Move from "ok to optimal" and achieve your visions of success as an organization, team, or individual by partnering with our Solutions Navigators!

Stop the world,
I want to get off!


  • A company struggling to find, hire, train, and keep talented employees?

  • A C-Suite Executive or leader spearheading change in a dynamic environment?

  • A start-up company or small business owner in growth mode seeking to scale?

  • A Government Official in an agency resistant to change and evolution?

  • An individual going through a major career or life transition?


  • Struggling to strategically plan and achieve your company or agency goals, or handle changes in your professional or personal life?

  • Not getting the ROI (Return on Investment) you anticipated from the latest recommendations regarding people culture/DEI, technology, and other change, optimization, improvement and scale strategies?

  • Trying to move forward or get "unstuck" but feel like you're stranded. Or worse, do you feel like you're going backward?

  • Broken and unable to get out of your own way?

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You don't have to move forward alone!
Partner with us to navigate your next steps!

Got "WHY?"

Purpose-Filled Solutions & Evolutions' core purpose, or "why," is to help you find, build on, and achieve yours by partnering with you to move from "ok to optimal." Our founder is a servant leader who has directly assisted over 2,000 businesses in the past two decades and provided training, coaching, and technical assistance to countless more companies, teams, entrepreneurs, and individuals throughout her career in corporate, non-profit, and government roles. Members of our team and partners are comparably talented and experienced in their respective industries.

How Can We Help You Succeed?

Our "Solutions Navigators" partner with companies of all sizes, leaders, and individuals like you to find your way to and clarify your purpose. We then work with you to overcome challenges, break down barriers, adjust mindsets, identify resources, and plan, develop, and implement strategies and infrastructure that help you grow, transform, evolve, and scale.  

As Consultants, we partner with you to navigate and identify why you and members of your team are struggling to achieve goals, or even work together. We then work with you to use resources that can help you break through whatever is blocking your progress and success, strategize, and develop a strategic plan and other tools needed to achieve your vision, goals, and objectives.

As Certified Coaches and Trainers, we work with individuals, leaders, and members of teams to challenge your mindset, overcome what is holding you and them back, and move forward with essential skills, authenticity, purpose, belonging, confidence, and, importantly, a path for success.

Why Choose Us?

One of the many things that makes us unique from other coaching and consulting firms is our extensive experience delivering ALL of our programs and services.  We have thousands of hours of education and certifications, along with thousands of hours of experience in training, coaching delivery and other services actually doing what we help others accomplish.


In addition to our experience and skills, we know our capabilities and capacity. If our client's needs can be better served by others, we refer, partner and team with other consulting, coaching, and training service providers and specialists to deliver products and services that meet your unique needs.

Create a Better Way of "BE-ing" at Work and in Life!

Partner with us to navigate solutions and challenges and achieve your visions of success developed through our team's decades of experience in corporate, nonprofit, and government leadership, entrepreneurship, capital access, coaching, training, people culture and belonging, and more!

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