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Consulting & Training Solutions

Consulting & Training Solutions

Whether it's at the C-Suite or personal level, most entities and people approach planning, hiring, problem-solving, etc., by asking "who, what, where, when, and how." We ask our leadership team, team members, trusted colleagues, and networking communities.  We might even ask our peers, families, friends, and ourselves!  Yet, far too often, we don't ask the most important question of all -- "why?" Doing so is critical to choosing the right consulting and training solutions to achieve your goals and objectives!

2013 PWBN and Philly OEO

Asking the right questions can be hard! Sometimes we don't really want to know the answers. We blame a productivity issue on training instead of processes. We struggle to hire and retain talent because we try to hire for culture-fit instead of culture-add. Sometimes, we fear the answers will reinforce what we don't want to admit.


But, what if asking the right questions could lead your organization, or you personally, to solutions that elevate you and your organization to a level of success that is more efficient, organized, ready-for-growth, confident, happier, and profitable than you could have imagined? That is one of the reasons why you should work with a team that has several decades of experience helping others succeed and convert what you imagine into your new reality!


 Services - For 1 to 1,000+

Training Options Include:

  • POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® (PQ®) for Companies & Teams!

  • Developing People-Oriented Cultures for Acquiring, Training, Communicating with and Retaining Talented Employees

    • Paving the Way to Civility, Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (CIED) - customized version (see below)

    • Reimagining What is Possible (Belonging)

    • Growing Your Emotional Intelligence

    • Leading from Any Chair

    • Creating and Sustaining External and Internal Partnerships

    • Multi-Tasking Myths versus Realities

    • Effective Communication for the Right Audience

  • Customized Skills Training Solutions for Your Company

  • Social Etiquette for Modern Leaders

  • Understanding & Pursuing Grant Opportunities

  • Managing Transitions

    • Planning Your Exit Strategy

    • Career Changes - are My Skills Transferrable?

    • ​Your Professional Branding - Resumes, Cover Letters, and Online Profiles
  • Developing Business Plans and Other Tools​

    • Launching & Scaling a Small Business

    • Vision & Mission Planning​

    • Entrepreneurship 101 - Is it Right for Me?

  • Government Contracting - What, Why, and How?​

Consulting Services Include:

  • Government & Private Industry Certifications and Contracting Opportunities

  • Commercial Financing, Equity Investments and Other Forms of Capital

  • Succession Planning - Large, Medium and Small

  • Development Services for Boards of Directors & Trustees

  • The Predictive Index - Talent Optimization

    • Team Optimization, Retention & Hiring for Success Workshops

  • Communications Strategies

  • Operations & Human Resources Infrastructure Development

  • Planning Services: Business, Strategic, Change Management, Marketing, Growth and Continuity

  • Media Engagement - including crisis response, interview preparation, and more

  • Designing & Leading Organizational Meetings, Workshops, Events & Retreats

Training Opportunities - Open to ALL

Training Opportunities - Open to All

Click HERE for a downloadable, readable and click-enabled version of the below promotional flyer about our upcoming free information sessions for how you can reimagine the possibilities in your company or life through "Paving the Way to Civility, Inclusion, Equity and Diversity (CIED)."


You can also Click HERE to go directly to the registration page for the free information session. 

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