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To ensure confidentiality, we sign Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) when requested or required by our Executive Coaching and Consulting Clients and Third-Party Coach Contracting Companies. We are, therefore, delighted when our clients voluntarily provide testimonials that we can publish!

Maria O'Callaghan-Cassidy

I highly recommend Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills as a coach. Her patience and listening skills are superhuman. Barbara Anne poses questions that are challenging and require introspection. Her approach is respectfully on point and moves you toward resolution. I always feel energized and re-focused at the end of our sessions. 

Jessica Knewasser
Before I met Barbara Anne, I felt like I was un-hirable because of an old interview experience. I was starting a new small business in publishing my own graphic novels, but I still needed to have a steady paycheck while developing the brand.  I was upfront about it and a company rejected me because I was, “too passionate about it.”  In later interviews, I consciously tried to hide my small business.... Once my first book was published, I didn’t know how I was going to hide it anymore.... Barbara Anne showed me that I didn’t need to hide my graphic novels to get a full-time job and instead made my budding small business my shining asset on my resume.  Thanks to her, I was able to book four job interviews in 2021 and I received all four offers.  I was able to pick the full-time job that worked best for me and my small business and I'm still there.



S.P., PA

The "Paving the Way to Civility, Inclusion, Equity & Diversity" training provided by Purpose-Filled Solutions and Evolutions was a truly transformative experience. The insightful sessions and practical strategies shared by Barbara Anne and Saraí empowered me with tools to create a more inclusive and equitable environment in both my personal and professional life. The training not only expanded my understanding of civility and diversity but also connected me with a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about driving positive change. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to make a meaningful impact and pave the way towards a more inclusive world.

- S.P.

Jo Colontonio, NJ

The CEIDS program was not just "another check the box" DEI program. In fact it was not a DEI program at all. It was an educational program about people, cultures, history and current topics that each and eveyone of us consciously and unconsciously face everyday. Knowedge is power and if you want to be both a powerful and empowering leader you must understand your most important asset..your people. Barbrara Anne's program deliver all this and more.

- J.C.


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