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What The...

What is "WTW?!?"

"What The Why?!?" is the name of our blog and vlog that evolved into "What The Why?!? with Barbara Anne," the online streaming television talk show on RVN Television and Roku.


Now in its THIRD Season, "What The Why?!? with Barbara Anne" features conversations with diverse leaders from all walks of life about why they do what they do and how they figured things out! Click on the links below to watch the show on-demand on, search for it on Roku, or stream the episodes directly through our website portal link - listed below. Season one with commentary will be coming soon to YouTube in 2024.

"What The...Why?!? The Blog and Vlog" premiered in fall 2023! Follow us on social media and check back regularly for enlightening and thought provoking posts from our team and others as part of this unique and informative series.

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