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What is "Genius IS Common?"

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

“Genius Is Common” is an increasingly powerful force for promoting the idea that genius is not a rare quality but a universal one that every unique and wonderfully made person is instilled with from birth. Striving to be as well-known as Nike’s iconic phrase, “Just Do It,” Genius Is Common, the movement advocates for recognizing and celebrating the many diverse genius individuals around us while stripping away the association with elitism that the word genius often suggests.


We see geniuses around us every day. People who cook and bake stunningly presented products, those who sing beautifully without training, are self-taught because they read voraciously or do complex mathematics with ease without calculators or tools. They are artists, teachers, writers, mechanics, engineers, carpenters, servers, and problem-solvers. They are even people who simply live into their life's purpose with gratitude and love. The “Genius is Common” (GIC) movement aims to celebrate and recognize the inherent genius within all people, regardless of their background or circumstances.


The GIC movement was founded by Bruce George, an award-winning poet and activist often best known for co-founding the Peabody Award-winning Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry Jam (HBO). Bruce has been instrumental in highlighting the diverse forms of genius that exist within communities worldwide, and GIC encourages and empowers people to embrace their unique talents and abilities and foster a culture of creativity and innovation. Joining the movement was a way for Purpose-Filled Solutions & Evolutions to participate in and support that mission.


Why Do We Support GIC?


Meeting Bruce George and our subsequent decision to get involved in the GIC movement proves that great things can happen through LinkedIn connections. PFS&E is dedicated to personal and professional development, focusing on consulting, training, Positive Intelligence®, Civility, Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity, so joining the movement made complete sense to us.


GIC emphasizes recognizing and nurturing individual geniuses. That fully aligns with PFS&E’s mission of helping people and companies discover and leverage their unique strengths to move from “ok to optimal” and helping companies attract and retain talented employees and optimize teams.


Admittedly, there was a “fan girl” moment when Bruce George reached out to us. He has over 30,000 connections just on LinkedIn alone, and Barbara Anne was a big fan of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and Def Comedy Jam when it was televised “back in the day.” She was surprised to learn that her LinkedIn header caught HIS attention; “All Transformational Change Starts the Same – With a Choice.” Thanks to Bruce’s feedback, it is now also correctly credited. But we digress…


By joining GIC, PFS&E is furthering our efforts to contribute to a more inclusive and empowering societal narrative where everyone's potential is valued and encouraged. Joining the movement also means we are in fantastic company!


GIC supporters include numerous celebrities, artists, musicians, elected officials, universities, organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals who, like Purpose-Filled Solutions and Evolutions, are committed to fostering personal and professional growth for all. Movements need people who believe in them to flourish. How about joining with all of us in this effort?


How Can You Support GIC?


Admittedly, we are more than just supporters. We are ambassadors! If you would like to learn more about the “Genius Is Common” movement and how you can help us redefine what it means to be a genius, you can visit the movement’s YouTube page at and website at and mention this blog post.


Of course, a personal introduction is always best! If you would like for us to make a personal introduction, message us through our website, connect with and message us via LinkedIn at, or email us at

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